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The South Park Historical Society is proud to announce our new book, 
“History of Allegheny County’s South Park, Farm Lands to Park Lands.”  
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  • The first Peters Creek Baptist Church was founded in 1773 and consisted of 33 members, with the Reverend David Philips serving as the first minister.

  • The first boundary line separating Snowden Township from Jefferson Township was drawn in 1840. A second line was drawn in 1844, leaving the Cochran farm in Jefferson Township and placing the Wallace farm in the newly formed Snowden Township. In 1845 Snowden Township was officially formed from parts of Upper St. Clair and Jefferson Townships. It was named for Judge Snowden of Pittsburgh.

  • The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad entered Broughton in 1883. It was about this time that the Lick Run Coal Mine opened.

  • In 1901 the Pittsburgh Terminal Coal Company started to develop its coal land and opened its first mine in the vicinity, called the No. 6 Mine, on the James Wilson farm.

  • The Wabash Railroad was built through Broughton in 1901.

  • The first mass of the Broughton Roman Catholic Church was held June 4, 1905 in Room I of the Keeling School.

  • The Pittsburgh Railway Company built their Charleroi interurban line through Library in 1906.

  • Lick Run Road was surfaced in 1908.

  • The Federal Government opened the Experimental Mine in Bruceton in 1910.

  • The Pittsburgh Coal Company opened their Montour No. 10 Mine at Library in 1919.

  • Route 88 was surfaced through Library in 1922.

  • Before the St. Joan of Arc Church in Library was built in 1923, Mass was held in the Burke Hotel.

  • The Brownsville Road was surfaced through Broughton and Library in 1928.
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